Golf Site Jobfinder Proposal


Client: Levatas, Inc.

Request: Levatas, Inc. responded to an RFP for updating and customizing the career management system for a golf organization and requested UX production support.

Challenges:  Challenges included having limited knowledge of the available technology as well as not having full access to stakeholders. 

Budget: N/A



Having worked with Levatas already in the past, I was able to plug into their existing process fairly easily. We discussed the information the sales and UX teams had collected from the client, then I was given free reign to study their existing system and provide suggested enhancements through the use of sketches.


Information Architecture

A study of their site structure revealed a lack of logical organization. The first step was to arrange the page content into a more consistent hierarchy. Because of the depth of content available on the site, a nested menu system was proposed and accepted by the UX team.

Interface Improvements

Calls-to-action on the existing site are not clearly apparent and often buried within lists of other navigation elements on the page. The new layouts organize the supporting content in way that reinforces and gives hierarchy to these navigation elements using size and color to help users decide how to proceed.



Levatas was very happy with my work, despite ultimately not winning the RFP.


Role: UX Strategist, Illustrator

Client: Levatas, Inc. - Contract


  • UX Strategy

  • Conceptual Wireframes Illustrations