UX Strategy and Product Design

Daniel Fu

I am a UX/IA Strategist and Visual Designer with specialties in breaking down and understanding complex systems and requirements in order to design user-centric products and solutions. User experience, however, does not end at the screen interface; it extends to every interaction with an organization, starting with marketing and ending with end-of-life. I help organizations maintain quality across the various services and offerings through encouraging UX research, testing, and design-focused process implementation in order to ensure great customer experiences.




Longview IOT

As the UX Product Lead at Carnegie Technologies for the Longview IOT project, I stepped into an already existing framework to help improve the information architecture and usability while also guiding the implementation of new functionality. Ultimately, I also worked to improve the production process and exposed areas of concern around the end-to-end customer experience.



Dell YourID

Dell’s OEM server team approached Somnio Solutions, Inc. to design and develop a web interface to allow their customers to upload and customize their own white-label server launch screens, a process previously handled manually through phone calls, email, and spreadsheets. This project required a large amount of technical fact finding and user research supported by numerous interviews and user testing with the Dell team.



Insurance Web Portal

During my time as a freelance UX Consultant with Levatas, Inc., I was heavily involved with their product design team in the redesign of a web portal used by the sales advisors for a large insurance provider. The amount of content was immense and poorly organized, necessitating an initial information architecture assessment and update before proposing a UX/UI approach for the application.