I help organizations and teams create complex web experiences specializing in detailed information architecture, user flows, and user testing based on human-centered design principles



Information Architecture

A strong information architecture informs the backbone of any interactive experience. I help translate complex requirements into a logical structure.


User Flow

From a strong information architecture, potential user flows begin to surface. I bring empathy toward understanding how users would move through the structure of the experience in the form of personas and user flows.



User Testing

Once user flows are translated into interface designs, user testing becomes crucial toward confirming user understanding. I can help develop a testing strategy and work with testers to collate results and make design adjustments.

Dell YourID


Dell Enterprise OEM wanted a way for their customers to more easily and intuitively provide the right assets and content Dell needed to customize the branding for OEM enterprise server systems BIOS and startup screens. The current manual process was fraught with mistakes and rework, often requiring hands on support from Dell. 



Insurance/Investment Advisors' Journey


An insurance and investment provider wished to update their existing intranet advisors' portal which users claimed to be cluttered and confusing. The request included a wholesale update to the information architecture as well as modernization of the user experience of the site itself.


Golf Site Jobfinder Proposal


Levatas, Inc. responded to an RFP for updating and customizing the career management system for a major golfing organization and requested UX production support.